2018 Honda VT1300CX-A — Owner's Manual – Page #115

Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2018 Honda VT1300CX-A
Pages: 145

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Instruments, Controls, &
Other Features
Ignition Switch
Leaving the ignition switch in the ON position
with the engine stopped will drain the battery.
Do not turn the key while riding.
Engine Stop Switch
Do not use the engine stop switch except in an
emergency. Doing so when riding will cause the
engine to suddenly turn off, making riding
If you stop the engine using the engine stop
switch, turn the ignition switch to the OFF
position. Failing to do so will drain the battery.
The display locks at 999,999 when the read-out
exceeds 999,999.
The tripmeters return to 0.0 when each read-
out exceeds 999.9.
Document Bag
The owner's manual, registration, and insurance
information can be stored in the plastic
document bag located inside of the right side
cover and under the seat.
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Instruments, Controls, & Other Features

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