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Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2018 Honda VT1300CX-A
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Oxygenated Fuels
Some conventional fuels blended with alcohol
or an ether compound are available in some
locales to help reduce emissions to meet clean
air standards. These gasolines are collectively
referred to as oxygenated fuels. If you plan to
use oxygenated fuel, check that it is unleaded
and meets the minimum octane rating and
blend requirement.
The following fuel blends are EPA-approved
and have been approved for use in your
Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) up to 10% by volume.
u Gasoline containing ethanol may be
marketed under the name Gasohol.
Methanol (methyl alcohol) up to 5% by
volume that contain cosolvents and
corrosion inhibitors to protect the fuel
system. Never use a blend containing more
than 5%.
If you accidentally fill your fuel tank with an
oxygenated fuel containing higher percentages,
you may experience performance problems. To
resolve the problem, have your dealer drain the
fuel tank and replace with the correct fuel. Fuel
system or performance problems resulting from
the use of an oxygenated fuel containing higher
percentages are not covered by your warranty.
Improper use of oxygenated fuels can damage
metal, rubber, and plastic parts of your fuel
Oxygenated fuel can also damage paint.
Damage caused by spilled fuel is not covered by
If you notice any undesirable operating
symptoms or performance problems, try a
different brand of gasoline.
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Oxygenated Fuels

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