2018 Honda VT1300CX-A — Owner's Manual – Page #18

Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2018 Honda VT1300CX-A
Pages: 145

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Parking with the Side Stand
Stop the engine.
Push the side stand down.
Slowly lean the motorcycle to the left until its
weight rests on the side stand.
Turn the handlebar fully to the left.
u Turning the handlebar to the right
reduces stability and may cause the
motorcycle to fall.
Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position
and remove the key.
Lock the steering. 2 P. 30
Refueling and Fuel Guidelines
Follow these guidelines to protect the engine,
fuel system and catalytic converter:
Use only unleaded gasoline.
Use recommended octane number. Using
lower octane gasoline will result in
decreased engine performance.
Do not use fuels containing a high
concentration of alcohol. 2 P. 125
Do not use stale or contaminated gasoline
or an oil/gasoline mixture.
Avoid getting dirt or water in the fuel tank.
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Riding Precautions
Motorcycle Safety

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