2018 Honda VT1300CX-A — Owner's Manual – Page #56

Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2018 Honda VT1300CX-A
Pages: 145

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Brake Fluid
Do not add or replace brake fluid, except in an
emergency. Use only fresh brake fluid from a
sealed container. If you do add fluid, have the
brake system serviced by your dealer as soon as
Brake fluid can damage plastic and painted surfaces.
Wipe up spills immediately and wash thoroughly.
Recommended brake fluid:
Honda DOT 4 Brake Fluid or equivalent
Final Drive Oil
Recommended final drive oil:
Hypoid gear oil SAE 80
Recommended Coolant
Pro Honda HP Coolant is a pre-mixed solution
of antifreeze and distilled water.
50% antifreeze and 50% distilled water
A concentration of antifreeze below 40% will
not provide proper corrosion and cold
temperature protection.
A concentration of up to 60% will provide better
protection in colder climates.
Using coolant not specified for aluminum
engines or tap/mineral water can cause
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Maintenance Fundamentals

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