2018 Honda VT1300CX-A — Owner's Manual – Page #92

Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2018 Honda VT1300CX-A
Pages: 145

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Rebound Damping
You can adjust the rebound damping by the
adjuster to suit the load or the road surface.
Turn clockwise to increase rebound damping
(hard), or turn counterclockwise to decrease
rebound damping (soft). The standard
position is 3/4 turns from the maximum
setting so that the punch mark on the
adjuster aligns with the reference punch
Do not turn the adjuster beyond its limits.
The rear shock absorber damper unit contains
high pressure nitrogen gas. Do not attempt to
disassemble, service, or improperly dispose of
the damper. See your dealer.
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Other Adjustments u Adjusting the Rear Suspension
Damping adjuster
Punch mark
Reference punch

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