2018 Honda VT750C-CS — Owner's Manual – Page #13

Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2018 Honda VT750C-CS
Pages: 141

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Safety Precautions
Ride cautiously and keep your hands on the
handlebar and feet on the footpegs.
Keep passenger's hands onto the seat strap
or your waist, passenger's feet on the
footpegs while riding.
Always consider the safety of your
passenger, as well as other drivers and
Protective Apparel
Make sure that you and any passenger are
wearing an approved motorcycle helmet, eye
protection, and high-visibility protective
clothing. Ride defensively in response to
weather and road conditions.
Should be safety-standard certified, high-
visibility, and correct size for your head
Must fit comfortably but securely, with the
chin strap fastened.
Face shield with unobstructed field of vision
or other approved eye protection
Look for a DOT (Department of Transportation)
certification label on any helmet you buy.
Not wearing a helmet increases the
chance of serious injury or death in a
Make sure that you and any passenger
always wear an approved helmet and
protective apparel.
Full-finger leather gloves with high abrasion
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Safety Precautions
Motorcycle Safety

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