2018 Honda VT750C-CS — Owner's Manual – Page #41

Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2018 Honda VT750C-CS
Pages: 141

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Maintenance Fundamentals
Pre-ride Inspection
To ensure safety, it is your responsibility to
perform a pre-ride inspection and make sure
that any problem you find is corrected. A pre-
ride inspection is a must, not only for safety, but
because having a breakdown, or even a flat tire,
can be a major inconvenience.
Check the following items before you get on
your motorcycle:
Tire tread wear and air pressures are within
limits. 2 P. 45
Lights, horn, and turn signals operate
Check the following items if you are carrying a
passenger or cargo:
Combined weight is within load limits.
2 P. 128
Cargo is secured properly.
Suspension is adjusted to suit load. 2 P. 79
Check the following items after you get on your
Throttle action moves smoothly without
binding. 2 P. 76
Brake lever and pedal operate normally.
Refuel when needed. 2 P. 13, 2 P. 28
Engine stop switch functions properly.
2 P. 22
Check the following items at regular intervals:
Oil level is between the upper and lower
level marks. 2 P. 56
Brake fluid level is
Front: above the LOWER level mark. 2 P. 65
Rear: between the UPPER and LOWER level
marks. 2 P. 65
Engine coolant level is between the UPPER
and LOWER level marks. 2 P. 61
Side stand functions properly. 2 P. 72
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