2018 Honda VT750C-CS — Owner's Manual – Page #59

Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2018 Honda VT750C-CS
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Check the spark plug gap using a wire-
type feeler gauge.
u If adjustment is necessary, bend the
side electrode carefully.
The gap should be:
0.031 - 0.035 in (0.80 - 0.90 mm)
Make sure the plug washer is in good
Install the spark plugs. With the plug
washers attached, thread the spark plugs
in by hand to prevent cross-threading.
Tighten the spark plug:
If the old plug is good:
1/8 turn after it seats
If installing a new plug, tighten it twice
to prevent loosening:
a) First, tighten the plug:
NGK: 3/4 turn after it seats.
DENSO: 1/2 turn after it seats.
b) Then loosen the plug.
c) Next, tighten the plug again:
1/8 turn after it seats.
An improperly tightened spark plug can damage the
engine. If a plug is too loose, a piston may be damaged. If
a plug is too tight, the threads may be damaged.
Install the parts in the reverse order of
When reinstalling the spark plug caps,
take care to avoid pinching any cables
or wires.
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Spark Plug u Checking Spark Plug
Spark plug gap
Side electrode

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