2018 Honda VT750C-CS — Owner's Manual – Page #99

Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2018 Honda VT750C-CS
Pages: 141

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When installing a wheel or caliper into original position,
carefully fit the brake disc between the pads to avoid
scratching them.
Insert the rear axle shaft from the right
side, through the right swingarm, rear
brake bracket, wheel hub and final drive
gear case.
Tighten the nut and bolt.
Rear brake bracket bolt:
Torque: 51 lbf·ft (69 N·m, 7.0 kgf·m)
Rear axle nut:
Torque: 65 lbf·ft (88 N·m, 9.0 kgf·m)
Axle holding bolt:
Torque: 20 lbf·ft (27 N·m, 2.8 kgf·m)
After installing the wheel, apply the brake
pedal several times, then check if the
wheel rotates freely. Recheck the wheel if
the brake drags or if the wheel does not
rotate freely.
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