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Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2018 Honda VT750C2B
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Washing Precautions
Follow these guidelines when washing:
Do not use high-pressure washers:
u High-pressure water cleaners can
damage moving parts and electrical
parts, rendering them inoperable.
u Water in the air intake can be drawn into
the throttle body and/or enter the air
Do not direct water at the muffler:
u Water in the muffler can prevent starting
and causes rust in the muffler.
Dry the brakes:
u Water adversely affects braking
effectiveness. After washing, apply the
brakes intermittently at low speed to
help dry them.
Do not direct water under the seat:
u Water in the under seat compartment
can damage your documents and other
Do not direct water at the air cleaner:
u Water in the air cleaner can prevent the
engine from starting.
Do not direct water near the headlight:
u The headlight's inside lens may fog
temporarily after washing or while riding
in the rain. This does not impact the
headlight function.
Any condensation inside the headlight
should dissipate after a few minutes of
running the engine with the headlight(s)
However, if you see a large amount of
water or ice accumulated inside the
lens(es), have your vehicle inspected by
your dealer.
Do not use wax or polishing compounds on
matte painted surface:
u Use a soft cloth or sponge, plenty of
water, and a mild detergent to clean
matte painted surfaces. Dry with a soft
clean cloth.
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