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Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2018 Honda VT750C2B
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Exhaust Emission Control System
The exhaust emission control system includes
the following components that should not need
adjustment, although periodic inspection by
your dealer is recommended.
PGM-FI System
The PGM-FI (programmed fuel injection) system
uses sequential multiport fuel injection, and is
comprised of air intake, engine control, fuel
control, and exhaust control subsystems. The
engine control module (ECM) uses sensors to
determine how much air enters the engine, and
then controls how much fuel to inject.
Ignition Timing Control System
The ignition timing control system adjusts the
ignition timing to reduce the amount of HC,
CO, and NOx produced.
Secondary Air Injection System
The secondary air injection system adds filtered
air into the exhaust gas to help improve
emission control performance.
Catalytic Converters
The exhaust system contains one or more
catalytic converters. Catalytic converters use a
catalyst to convert most of the harmful exhaust
gas compounds into harmless compounds.
Evaporative Emission Control System
50 STATE (meets California)
An evaporative emissions control system uses a
canister filled with charcoal to adsorb fuel vapor
from the fuel tank while the engine is off. The
vapor is drawn into the engine and burned
while riding.
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Emission Control Systems

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