2018 Honda VT750C2B — Owner's Manual – Page #18

Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2018 Honda VT750C2B
Pages: 134

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Accessories &
We strongly advise that you do not add any
accessories that were not specifically designed
or approved for your motorcycle by Honda or
make modifications to your motorcycle from its
original design. Doing so can make it unsafe.
Modifying your motorcycle may also void your
warranty and make your motorcycle illegal to
operate on public roads and highways. Before
deciding to install accessories on your
motorcycle be certain the modification is safe
and legal.
Improper accessories or modifications
can cause a crash in which you can be
seriously hurt or killed.
Follow all instructions in this owner's
manual regarding accessories and
Do not pull a trailer with, or attach a sidecar to,
your motorcycle. Your motorcycle was not
designed for these attachments, and their use
can seriously impair your motorcycle's handling.
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Accessories & Modifications
Motorcycle Safety

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