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Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2018 Honda VT750C2B
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Cleaning the Battery Terminals
Remove the battery. 2 P. 50
If the terminals are starting to corrode and
are coated with a white substance, wash
with warm water and wipe clean.
If the terminals are heavily corroded, clean
and polish the terminals with a wire brush or
sandpaper. Wear safety glasses.
After cleaning, reinstall the battery.
The battery has a limited life span. Consult your
dealer about when you should replace the
battery. Always replace the battery with another
maintenance-free battery of the same type.
If you use electrical accessories that drain the
battery or you do not ride frequently, we
recommend that you charge the battery every
30 days using a charger designed specifically for
your Honda, which can be purchased from your
dealer. Read the information that came with
your battery charger and follow the instructions
on the battery. Avoid using an automobile-type
battery charger, as these can overheat a
motorcycle battery and cause permanent
Make sure the ignition switch is in the OFF
position before charging the battery.
Improper charging can damage the battery. If
you can’t charge the battery or it appears unable
to hold a charge, contact your dealer.
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Maintenance Fundamentals

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