2018 Honda VT750C2B — Owner's Manual – Page #49

Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2018 Honda VT750C2B
Pages: 134

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Crankcase Breather
Service more frequently when riding in rain, at
full throttle, or after the motorcycle is washed or
overturned. Service if the deposit level can be
seen in the transparent section of the drain
If the drain tube overflows, the air filter may
become contaminated with engine oil causing
poor engine performance. 2 P. 76
Tires (Inspecting/Replacing)
Checking the Air Pressure
Visually inspect your tires and use an air
pressure gauge to measure the air pressure at
least once a month or any time you think the
tires look low. Always check air pressure when
your tires are cold.
Inspecting for Damage
Inspect the tires for
cuts, slits, or cracks that
exposes fabric or
cords, or nails or other
foreign objects
embedded in the side
of the tire or the tread.
Also inspect for any unusual bumps or bulges in
the side walls of the tires.
Inspecting for Abnormal Wear
Inspect the tires for
signs of abnormal wear
on the contact surface.
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Maintenance Fundamentals

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