2018 Honda VT750C2B — Owner's Manual – Page #60

Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2018 Honda VT750C2B
Pages: 134

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Adding Engine Oil
If the engine oil is below or near the lower
level mark, add the recommended engine oil.
2 P. 43, 2 P. 122
Remove the oil fill cap/dipstick. Add the
recommended oil until it reaches the
upper level mark.
u Place your motorcycle in an upright
position on a firm, level surface when
checking the oil level.
Do not overfill above the upper level
Make sure no foreign objects enter the
oil filler opening.
Wipe up any spills immediately.
Securely reinstall the oil fill cap/dipstick.
Overfilling with oil or operating with insufficient
oil can cause damage to your engine. Do not mix
different brands and grades of oil. They may
affect lubrication and clutch operation.
For the recommended oil and oil selection
guidelines, see “Maintenance Fundamentals.”
2 P. 43
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Engine Oil u Adding Engine Oil

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