2018 Honda VT750C2B — Owner's Manual – Page #95

Posted on 19 Nov, 2019
Model: 2018 Honda VT750C2B
Pages: 134

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Muffler Installation
Before installing the muffler, replace the
muffler gasket with a new gasket.
Tighten the nuts and bolts.
Exhaust pipe joint nut:
Torque: 18 lbf·ft (25 N·m, 2.5 kgf·m)
Muffler bracket nut:
Torque: 32 lbf·ft (44 N·m, 4.5 kgf·m)
Reinstall the right footpeg. Tighten the
nut and bolts.
Footpeg bolt A, B and nut:
Torque: 29 lbf·ft (39 N·m, 4.0 kgf·m)
If a torque wrench was not used for
installation, see your dealer as soon as
possible to verify proper assembly.
Improper assembly may lead to loss of
braking capacity.
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