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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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"E85" fuel is an alternative fuel com-
prised of 85 percent ethanol and 15 per-
cent gasoline, and is manufactured
exclusively for use in Flexible Fuel
Vehicles. “E85” is not compatible with
your vehicle. Use of “E85” may result in
poor engine performance and damage to
your vehicle's engine and fuel system.
HYUNDAI recommends that customers
do not use fuel with an ethanol content
exceeding 10 percent.
Do not use methanol
Fuels containing methanol (wood alco-
hol) should not be used in your vehicle.
This type of fuel can reduce vehicle per-
formance and damage components of
the fuel system.
Fuel Additives
HYUNDAI recommends that you use
good quality gasolines treated with deter-
gent additives such as TOP TIER
Detergent Gasoline, which help prevent
deposit formation in the engine. These
gasolines will help the engine run clean-
er and enhance performance of the
Emission Control System. For more infor-
mation on TOP TIER Detergent
Gasoline, please go to the website
For customers who do not use TOP TIER
Detergent Gasoline regularly, and have
problems starting or the engine does not
run smoothly, additives that you can buy
separately may be added to the gasoline.
If TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline is not
available, add one bottle of additive to the
fuel tank at every 7,500mile or every
engine oil change is recommended.
Additives are available from your author-
ized HYUNDAI dealer along with infor-
mation on how to use them. Do not mix
other additives.
Operation in foreign countries
If you are going to drive your vehicle in
another country, be sure to:
Observe all regulations regarding reg-
istration and insurance.
Determine that acceptable fuel is avail-
Your New Vehicle Limited Warranty
may not cover damage to the fuel
system and any performance prob-
lems that are caused by the use of
fuels containing methanol.
Never use gasohol which contains
methanol. Discontinue use of any
gasohol product which impairs dri-
Your New Vehicle Limited Warranty
does not cover damage to the fuel
system or any performance prob-
lems caused by the use of “E85” fuel.
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