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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Features of your vehicle
If the key is in the ignition switch and
front door is open, the doors will not
lock even though the front portion (1)
of central door lock switch is pressed.
If the smart key is in the vehicle and
any door is open, the doors will not
lock even though the front portion(1) of
central door lock switch is pressed.
Impact sensing door unlock system
(if equipped)
All doors will be automatically unlocked
when the impact is delivered to impact
sensors while the ignition switch is ON.
However, the doors may not be unlocked
if mechanical problems occur with the
door lock system or battery.
You can activate or deactivate some auto
door lock/unlock features in the vehicle
setting as follows;
Speed sensing auto door lock
• Auto door unlock by unlocking the
driver's door
Auto door unlock when the ignition
key is removed from the ignition
switch or the smart key is removed
from the smart key holder.
Auto door lock/unlock by shifting the
transmission shift lever out of P
(Park) or into P (Park)
If you want to activate or deactivate
some door lock/unlock feature, refer to
the “vehicle setting” in this chapter.
WARNING - Unlocked
Leaving your vehicle unlocked can
invite theft or possible harm to you
or others from someone hiding in
your vehicle while you are gone.
Always remove the ignition key,
engage the parking brake, close all
windows and lock all doors when
leaving your vehicle unattended.
WARNING - Unattended
An enclosed vehicle can become
extremely hot, causing death or
severe injury to unattended chil-
dren or animals who cannot escape
the vehicle. Furthermore, children
might operate features of the vehi-
cle that could injure them, or they
could encounter other harm, possi-
bly from someone gaining entry to
the vehicle. Never leave children or
animals unattended in your vehicle.
The doors should always be fully
closed and locked while the vehi-
cle is in motion to prevent acci-
dental opening of the door.
Locked doors will also discour-
age potential intruders when the
vehicle stops or slows.
Be careful when opening doors
and watch for vehicles, motorcy-
cles, bicycles or pedestrians
approaching the vehicle in the
path of the door. Opening a door
when something is approaching
can cause damage or injury.
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