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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Features of your vehicle
Power windows
The ignition switch must be in the ON
position for power windows to operate.
Each door has a power window switch
that controls the door's window. The driv-
er has a power window lock switch which
can block the operation of passenger
windows. The driver’s door has a master
power window switch that controls all the
windows in the vehicle. The power win-
dows can be operated for approximately
30 seconds after the ignition key is
removed or turned to the ACC or LOCK
position. However, if the front doors
open, the power windows cannot be
operated within the 30 second period
after ignition key removal.
While driving with the rear windows
down or with the sunroof (if equipped) in
an open (or partially open) position, your
vehicle may demonstrate a wind buffet-
ing or pulsation noise. This noise is a
normal occurrence and can be reduced
or eliminated by taking the following
actions. If the noise occurs with one or
both of the rear windows down, partially
lower both front windows approximate-
ly one inch. If you experience the noise
with the sunroof open, slightly reduce the
size of the sunroof opening.
Window opening and closing
To open or close a window, press down
or pull up the front portion of the corre-
sponding switch to the first detent posi-
tion (5).
Auto down window (if equipped)
(driver’s window)
Pressing the power window switch
momentarily to the second detent posi-
tion (6) completely lowers the driver’s
window even when the switch is
released. To stop the window at the
desired position while the window is in
operation, momentarily pull the switch in
the direction opposite of the window
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