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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Features of your vehicle
Opening the fuel filler lid
The fuel filler lid must be opened from
inside the vehicle by pushing the fuel
filler lid opener button.
If the fuel filler lid will not open because
ice has formed around it, tap lightly or
push on the lid to break the ice and
release the lid. Do not pry on the lid. If
necessary, spray around the lid with an
approved de-icer fluid (do not use radi-
ator anti-freeze) or move the vehicle to a
warm place and allow the ice to melt.
1. Stop the engine.
2. To open the fuel filler lid, push the fuel
filler lid opener button.
3. Pull the fuel filler lid (1) out to fully
4. To remove the cap, turn the fuel tank
cap (2) counterclockwise.
5. Refuel as needed.
Closing the fuel filler lid
1. To install the cap, turn it clockwise until
it “click” one time. This indicates that
the cap is securely tightened.
2. Close the fuel filler lid and push it in
lightly making sure that it is securely
WARNING - Refueling
If pressurized fuel sprays out, it
can cover your clothes or skin
and thus subject you to the risk
of fire and burns. Always remove
the fuel cap carefully and slowly.
If the cap is venting fuel or if you
hear a hissing sound, wait until
the condition stops before com-
pletely removing the cap.
Do not "top off" after the nozzle
automatically shuts off when
Tighten the cap until it clicks one
time, otherwise the Malfunction
Indicator Light will illuminate.
Always check that the fuel cap is
installed securely to prevent fuel
spillage in the event of an acci-
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