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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Features of your vehicle
Closing the sunroof
To close the sunroof glass only
Push the sunroof control lever forward to
the first detent position or pull the lever
To close the sunroof glass with the
Push the sunroof control lever forward to
the second detent position. The sunroof
glass will close then the sunshade close
To stop the sunroof movement at any
point, pull or push the sunroof control
lever momentarily.
Automatic reversal
If an object or part of the body is detect-
ed while the sunroof glass or sunshade is
closing automatically, it will reverse the
direction, and then stop.
The auto reverse function may not func-
tion if a very small obstacle is between
the sliding glass or sunshade and the
sunroof sash. You should always check
that all passengers and objects are away
from the sunroof before closing it.
WARNING - Sunroof
Be careful that someone’s head,
hands and body are not trapped
by a closing sunroof.
Do not extend the head, neck,
arms or body outside through an
opened sunroof while driving.
Make sure your hands and head
are safely out of the way before
closing a sunroof.
A panorama sunroof is made of
glass, therefore it may break in an
accident. If you do not have your
seat belt on, you may stick out of
the broken glass and get injured
or killed. For all passengers safe-
ty, have an appropriate protection
on (ex. seat belt, CRS, etc.)
Periodically remove any dirt that
may accumulate on the guide rail.
If you try to open the sunroof
when the temperature is below
freezing or when the sunroof is
covered with snow or ice, the
glass or the motor could be dam-
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