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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Features of your vehicle
Some devices may require you to replace
this Programming step 3 with proce-
dures noted in the "Gate
Operator/Canadian Programming" sec-
tion. If the HomeLink
indicator light
does not change to a rapidly blinking
light after performing these steps, con-
tact HomeLink
at www.homelink.com.
4. Firmly press, hold for 5 seconds and
release the programmed HomeLink
button up to two separate times to acti-
vate the door. If the door does not acti-
vate, press and hold the just-trained
button and observe the
indicator light.
If the indicator light stays on con-
stantly, programming is complete
and your device should activate
when the HomeLink
button is
pressed and released.
If the indicator light blinks rapidly for
2 seconds and then turns to
a constant light, continue with
"Programming" steps 5-7 to com-
plete the programming of a rolling
code equipped device (most com-
monly a garage door opener).
5. At the garage door opener receiver
(motor-head unit) in the garage, locate
the "leam" or "smart" button. This can
usually be found where the hanging
antenna wire is attached to the motor-
head unit.
6. Firmly press and release the "leam" or
"smart" button. (The name and color of
the button vary by manufacturer).
There are 30 seconds to initiate step
7. Return to the vehicle and firmly press,
hold for 2 seconds
and release the programmed
button. Repeat the
"press/hold/release" sequence a sec-
ond time, and, depending on the brand
of the garage door opener (or other
rolling code equipped device), repeat
this sequence a third time to complete
the programming process.
should now activate your
rolling code equipped device.
Gate operator & Canadian program-
During programming, your handheld
transmitter may automatically stop trans-
mitting. Continue to press the Integrated
Wireless Control System but-
ton (note steps 2 through 3 in the
Programming portion of this document)
while you press and re-press ("cycle")
your handheld transmitter every two sec-
onds until the frequency signal has been
learned. The indicator light will flash
slowly and then rapidly after several sec-
onds upon successful training.
Operating HomeLink
To operate, simply press and release the
programmed HomeLink
Activation will now occur for the trained
device (i.e. garage door opener, gate
operator, security system, entry door
lock, home/office lighting, etc.). For con-
venience, the hand-held transmitter of
the device may also be used at any time.
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