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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Features of your vehicle
Outside rearview mirror
Be sure to adjust mirror angles before
Your vehicle is equipped with both left-
hand and right-hand outside rearview
mirrors. The mirrors can be adjusted
remotely with the remote switch. The mir-
ror heads can be folded back to prevent
damage during an automatic car wash or
when passing in a narrow street.
Remote control
The electric remote control mirror switch
allows you to adjust the position of the
left and right outside rearview mirrors. To
adjust the position of either mirror, the
ignition switch should be in the ACC or
ON position, or engine is running. Push
the switch (1) to R or L to select the right
side mirror or the left side mirror, then
press a corresponding point on the mirror
adjustment control to position the select-
ed mirror up, down, left or right.
After the adjustment, put the switch into
the neutral (center) position to prevent
inadvertent adjustment.
WARNING - Rearview
The right outside rearview mirror
is convex. Objects seen in the
mirror are closer than they
Use your interior rearview mirror
or direct observation to deter-
mine the actual distance of fol-
lowing vehicles when changing
Do not scrape ice off the mirror
face; this may damage the surface
of the glass. If ice should restrict
movement of the mirror, do not
force the mirror for adjustment. To
remove ice, use a deicer spray, or a
sponge or soft cloth with warm
If the mirror is jammed with ice, do
not adjust the mirror by force. Use
an approved spray de-icer (not radi-
ator antifreeze) to release the
frozen mechanism or move the
vehicle to a warm place and allow
the ice to melt.
Do not adjust or fold the outside
rearview mirrors while the vehicle
is moving. This could result in loss
of control, and an accident which
could cause death, serious injury
or property damage.
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