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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Features of your vehicle
The hazard warning flasher should be
used whenever you find it necessary to
stop the car in a hazardous location.
When you must make such an emer-
gency stop, always pull off the road as far
as possible.
The hazard warning lights are turned on
by pushing in the hazard switch. This
causes all turn signal lights to blink. The
hazard warning lights will operate even
though the key is not in the ignition
To turn the hazard warning lights off,
push the switch a second time.
Battery saver function
The purpose of this feature is to pre-
vent the battery from being dis-
charged. The system automatically
turns off the parking lights when the
driver removes the ignition key (smart
key : turns off the engine) and opens
the driver-side door.
With this feature, the parking lights will
be turned off automatically if the driver
parks on the side of road at night.
If necessary, to keep the lights on
when the ignition key is removed
(smart key : turns off the engine), per-
form the following:
1) Open the driver-side door.
2) Turn the parking lights OFF and ON
again using the light switch on the
steering column.
Headlamp delay (if equipped)
If you turn the ignition switch to the ACC
or OFF position with the headlights ON,
the headlights (and/or tail lights) remain
on for about 20 minutes. However, if the
driver’s door is opened and closed, the
headlights are turned off after 30 sec-
The headlights can be turned off by
pressing the lock button on the transmit-
ter (or smart key) twice or turning the
light switch to the OFF or Auto position.
However, if you turn the light switch to the
Auto position when it is dark outside, the
headlights will not be turned off.
If the driver gets out of the vehicle
through other doors (except dri-
ver's door), the battery saver func-
tion does not operate and the head-
lamp delay does not turn off auto-
matically. Therefore, it causes the
battery to be discharged. In this
case, make sure to turn off the lamp
before getting out of the vehicle.
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