2013 Hyundai Sonata — Owner's Manual – Page #157

Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Features of your vehicle
To signal a lane change, move the turn
signal lever slightly and hold it in position
(B). The lever will return to the OFF posi-
tion when released.
If an indicator stays on and does not
flash or if it flashes abnormally, one of the
turn signal bulbs may be burned out and
will require replacement.
One-touch triple turn signal
To activate an one-touch triple turn signal
move the turn signal lever up or down
slightly and then release it. The lane
change signals will blink 3 times.
If an indicator flash is abnormally quick
or slow, a bulb may be burned out or
have a poor electrical connection in the
Front fog light (if equipped)
Fog lights are used to provide improved
visibility when visibility is poor due to fog,
rain or snow etc. The fog lights will turn
on when fog light switch (1) is turned to
ON after the headlights are turned on.
To turn off the fog lights, turn the switch
to OFF.
When in operation, the fog lights
consume large amounts of vehicle
electrical power. Only use the fog
lights when visibility is poor or
unnecessary battery and generator
drain could occur.
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