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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Features of your vehicle
A : Wiper speed control
· MIST – Single wipe
· OFF – Off
· INT – Intermittent wipe
· LO – Low wiper speed
· HI – High wiper speed
B : Intermittent or Auto control wipe
time adjustment
C : Wash with brief wipes
Windshield wipers
Operates as follows when the ignition
switch is turned ON.
MIST : For a single wiping cycle, push
the lever upward and release it
with the lever in the OFF position.
The wipers will operate continu-
ously if the lever is pushed
upward and held.
OFF : Wiper is not in operation
INT : Wiper operates intermittently at
the same wiping intervals. Use this
mode in a light rain or mist. To vary
the speed setting, turn the speed
control knob(1).
LO : Normal wiper speed
HI : Fast wiper speed
If there is heavy accumulation of snow
or ice on the windshield, defrost the
windshield for about 10 minutes, or
until the snow and/or ice is removed
before using the windshield wipers to
ensure proper operation.
OYF049100 OYF049102
When starting the vehicle in winter,
set the wiper switch in the OFF
position. Otherwise, wipers may
operate and ice may damage the
windshield wiper blades. Always
remove all snow and ice and defrost
the windshield properly prior to
operating the windshield wipers.
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