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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Features of your vehicle
If you want to defrost and defog the
front windshield, refer to “Windshield
defrosting and defogging” in this sec-
Rear window defroster
The defroster heats the window to
remove frost, fog and thin ice from the
rear window, while the engine is running.
To activate the rear window defroster,
press the rear window defroster button
located in the center facia switch panel.
The indicator on the rear window
defroster button illuminates when the
defroster is ON.
If there is heavy accumulation of snow on
the rear window, brush it off before oper-
ating the rear defroster.
The rear window defroster automatically
turns off after approximately 20 minutes
or when the ignition switch is turned off.
To turn off the defroster, press the rear
window defroster button again.
Outside rearview mirror defroster
(if equipped)
If your vehicle is equipped with the out-
side rearview mirror defrosters, they will
operate at the same time you turn on the
rear window defroster.
To prevent damage to the conduc-
tors bonded to the inside surface of
the rear window, never use sharp
instruments or window cleaners
containing abrasives to clean the
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