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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Features of your vehicle
Adjust the sunvisor extension forward or
backward (4).
To use the vanity mirror, pull down the
visor and slide the mirror cover (3).
Push the switch to turn the light on or off.
(if equipped)
: The light turns on.
: The light turns off.
Power outlet
The power outlet is designed to provide
power for mobile telephones or other
devices designed to operate with vehicle
electrical systems. The devices should
draw less than 10 amps with the engine
Use the power outlet only when
the engine is running and remove
the accessory plug after use.
Using the accessory plug for pro-
longed periods of time with the
engine off could cause the bat-
tery to discharge.
Only use 12V electric accessories
which are less than 10A in elec-
tric capacity.
Adjust the air-conditioner or
heater to the lowest operating
level when using the power outlet.
Close the cover when not in use.
Some electronic devices can
cause electronic interference
when plugged into a vehicle’s
power outlet. These devices may
cause excessive audio static and
malfunctions in other electronic
systems or devices used in your
Do not put a finger or a foreign ele-
ment (pin, etc.) into a power outlet
and do not touch with a wet hand.
You may get an electric shock.
CAUTION - Vanity mirror
lamp (if equipped)
Always have the switch in the off
position when the vanity mirror
lamp is not in use. If the sunvisor
is closed without the lamp off, it
may discharge the battery or
damage the sunvisor.
• Always use the sunvisor exten-
sion, after swing the sunvisor to
the side.
For your safety, do not obstruct your
vision when using the sunvisor.
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