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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Features of your vehicle
Floor mat anchor(s)
When using a floor mat on the front floor
carpet, make sure it attaches to the floor
mat anchor(s) in your vehicle. This keeps
the floor mat from sliding forward.
Aux, USB and iPod
(if equipped)
If your vehicle has an aux and/or
USB(universal serial bus) port or iPod
port, you can use an aux port to connect
audio devices and a USB port to plug in
a USB, and an iPod port to plug in an
When using a portable audio device
connected to the power outlet, noise may
occur during playback. If this happens,
use the power source of the portable
audio device.
is a trademark of Apple Inc.
OYF049234N OYF049147N
The following must be observed
when installing ANY floor mat to
the vehicle.
• Ensure that the floor mats are
securely attached to the vehicle’s
floor mat anchor(s) before driving
the vehicle.
Do not use ANY floor mat that
cannot be firmly attached to the
vehicle’s floor mat anchors.
Do not stack floor mats on top of
one another (e.g. all-weather rub-
ber mat on top of a carpeted floor
mat). Only a single floor mat
should be installed in each posi-
IMPORTANT – Your vehicle was
manufactured with driver’s side
floor mat anchors that are
designed to securely hold the
floor mat in place. To avoid any
interference with pedal operation,
HYUNDAI recommends that only
the HYUNDAI floor mat designed
for use in your vehicle be
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