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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Safety features of your vehicle
• When resetting the seatback to
the upright position, make sure it
is securely latched by pushing it
forward and rearwards.
To avoid the possibility of burns,
do not remove the carpet in the
cargo area. Emission control
devices beneath this floor gener-
ate high temperatures.
WARNING - Rear seat-
The rear seatback must be
securely latched. If not, passen-
gers and objects could be thrown
forward resulting in serious
injury or death in the event of a
sudden stop or collision.
Luggage and other cargo should
be laid flat in the cargo area. If
objects are large, heavy, or must
be piled, they must be secured.
Under no circumstances should
cargo be piled higher than the
seatbacks. Failure to follow these
warnings could result in serious
injury or death in the event of a
sudden stop, collision or rollover.
No passenger should ride in the
cargo area or sit or lie on folded
seatbacks while the vehicle is
moving. All passengers must be
properly seated in seats and
restrained properly while riding.
After adjusting the seat, always
check that it is securely locked into
place by attempting to move the
seat forward or reverse without
using the lock release lever.
Sudden or unexpected movement
of the driver's seat could cause you
to lose control of the vehicle result-
ing in an accident.
Do not adjust the seat while wear-
ing seat belts. Moving the seat
cushion forward may cause
strong pressure on the abdomen.
Use extreme caution so that
hands or other objects are not
caught in the seat mechanisms
while the seat is moving.
Do not put a cigarette lighter on
the floor or seat. When you oper-
ate the seat, gas may gush out of
the lighter and cause fire.
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