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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Driving your vehicle
Manual transaxle operation
The manual transaxle has 6 forward
This shift pattern is imprinted on the shift
knob. The transaxle is fully synchronized
in all forward gears so shifting to either a
higher or a lower gear is easily accom-
To shift gears, press the clutch pedal
down fully, select the desired gear with
the gearshift lever, and release the clutch
pedal slowly.
If your vehicle is equipped with an igni-
tion lock switch, the engine will not start
when starting the engine without
depressing the clutch pedal.
The shift lever must be returned to the
neutral position before shifting into R
(Reverse). The ring (1) located below the
shift knob must be pulled upward while
moving the shift lever to the R (Reverse)
Make sure the vehicle is completely
stopped before shifting into R (Reverse).
Never operate the engine with the
tachometer (rpm) in the red zone.
The shift lever can be moved into any of
the forward gears without pulling the
ring (1).
The ring (1) must be pulled while mov-
ing the shift lever into reverse.
When downshifting from fifth
gear to fourth gear, caution
should be taken not to inadver-
tently press the shift lever side-
ways in such a manner that the
second gear is engaged. Such a
drastic downshift may cause the
engine speed to increase to the
point that the tachometer will
enter the red-zone. Such over-
revving of the engine and
transaxle may possibly cause
engine damage.
Do not downshift more than 2
gears or downshift the gear when
the engine is running at high
speed (5,000 RPM or higher).
Such a downshifting may damage
the engine.
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