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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Driving your vehicle
With the shift lever in the D position
The paddle shifter can operate when the
vehicle speed is more than 10km/h.
Pull the [+] or [-] paddle shifter once to
shift up or down one gear and the system
changes from automatic mode to manual
If the vehicle speed is lower than 10km/h,
if you depress the accelerator pedal for
more than 7 seconds or if you shift the
shift lever from D to sport mode and shift
it from sport mode to D again, the system
will change from manual mode to auto-
matic mode.
With the shift lever in the sport mode
Pull the [+] or [-] paddle shifter once to
shift up or down one gear.
If you pull the [+] and [-] paddle shifters
at the same time, you can't shift the gear.
Shift lock system
For your safety, the automatic transaxle
has a shift lock system which prevents
shifting the transaxle from P (Park) or N
(Neutral) into R (Reverse) unless the
brake pedal is depressed.
To shift the transaxle from P (Park) or N
(Neutral) into R (Reverse):
1. Depress and hold the brake pedal.
2. Start the engine or turn the ignition
switch to the ON position.
3. Move the shift lever.
If the brake pedal is repeatedly
depressed and released with the shift
lever in the P (Park) position, a chattering
noise near the shift lever may be heard.
This is a normal condition.
Shift-lock override
If the shift lever cannot be moved from
the P (Park) or N (Neutral) position into R
(Reverse) position with the brake pedal
depressed, continue depressing the
brake, then do the following:
1. Carefully remove the cap (1) covering
the shift-lock access hole.
2. Insert a key (or screwdriver) into the
access hole and press down on the
key (or screwdriver).
3. Move the shift lever.
4. Have your vehicle inspected by an
authorized HYUNDAI dealer immedi-
Always fully depress the brake
pedal before and while shifting out
of the P (Park) position into anoth-
er position to avoid inadvertent
motion of the vehicle which could
injure persons in or around the car.
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