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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Driving your vehicle
Tire chains
Since the sidewalls of radial tires are
thinner, they can be damaged by mount-
ing some types of snow chains on them.
Therefore, the use of snow tires is rec-
ommended instead of snow chains. Do
not mount tire chains on vehicles
equipped with aluminum wheels; snow
chains may cause damage to the wheels.
If snow chains must be used, use wire-
type chains with a thickness of less than
0.47 in (12 mm). Damage to your vehicle
caused by improper snow chain use is
not covered by your vehicle manufactur-
ers warranty.
When using tire chains, install them on
the front tires only.
Chain installation
When installing chains, follow the manu-
facturer's instructions and mount them as
tightly as you can. Drive slowly with
chains installed. If you hear the chains
contacting the body or chassis, stop and
tighten them. If they still make contact,
slow down until it stops. Remove the
chains as soon as you begin driving on
cleared roads.
Make sure the snow chains are
the correct size and type for your
tires. Incorrect snow chains can
cause damage to the vehicle body
and suspension and may not be
covered by your vehicle manufac-
turer warranty. Also, the snow
chain connecting hooks may be
damaged from contacting vehicle
components causing the snow
chains to come loose from the
tire. Make sure the snow chains
are SAE class “S” certified.
Always check chain installation
for proper mounting after driving
approximately 0.3 to 0.6 miles (0.5
to 1 km) to ensure safe mounting.
Retighten or remount the chains
if they are loose.
- Mounting chains
When mounting snow chains, park
the vehicle on level ground away
from traffic. Turn on the vehicle
Hazard Warning flashers and place
a triangular emergency warning
device behind the vehicle if avail-
able. Always place the vehicle in P
(Park), apply the parking brake and
turn off the engine before installing
snow chains.
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