2013 Hyundai Sonata — Owner's Manual – Page #288

Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Driving your vehicle
Tire and loading information label
The label located on the driver's door
sill gives the original tire size, cold
tire pressures recommended for your
vehicle, the number of people that
can be in your vehicle and vehicle
capacity weight.
Vehicle capacity weight:
904 lbs. (410 kg)
Vehicle capacity weight is the maxi-
mum combined weight of occupants
and cargo.
Seating capacity:
Total : 5 persons
(Front seat : 2 persons,
Rear seat : 3 persons)
Seating capacity is the maximum
number of occupants including a
driver, your vehicle may carry.
However, the seating capacity may
be reduced based upon the weight of
all of the occupants, and the weight
of the cargo being carried.
Do not overload the vehicle as there
is a limit to the total weight, or load
limit including occupants and cargo,
the vehicle can carry.
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