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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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What to do in an emergency
Connect cables in numerical order and
disconnect in reverse order.
Jump starting
Jump starting can be dangerous if done
incorrectly. Therefore, to avoid harm to
yourself or damage to your vehicle or
battery, follow the jump starting proce-
dures. If in doubt, we strongly recom-
mend that you have a competent techni-
cian or towing service jump start your
Use only a 12-volt jumper system.
You can damage a 12-volt starting
motor, ignition system, and other
electrical parts beyond repair by
use of a 24-volt power supply (either
two 12-volt batteries in series or a
24-volt motor generator set).
WARNING - Battery
Keep all flames or sparks away
from the battery. The battery pro-
duces hydrogen gas which may
explode if exposed to flame or
If these instructions are not fol-
lowed exactly, serious personal
injury and damage to the vehicle
may occur! If you are not sure
how to follow this procedure,
seek qualified assistance.
Automobile batteries contain sul-
furic acid. This is poisonous and
highly corrosive. When jump
starting, wear protective glasses
and be careful not to get acid on
yourself, your clothing or on the
Do not attempt to jump start the
vehicle if the discharged battery
is frozen or if the electrolyte level
is low; the battery may rupture or
WARNING - Battery
Never attempt to check the elec-
trolyte level of the battery as this
may cause the battery to rupture or
explode causing serious injury.
Jumper Cables
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