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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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What to do in an emergency
Jump starting procedure
1. Make sure the booster battery is 12-
volt and that its negative terminal is
2. If the booster battery is in another
vehicle, do not allow the vehicles to
3. Turn off all unnecessary electrical
4. Connect the jumper cables in the exact
sequence shown in the illustration.
First connect one end of a jumper
cable to the positive terminal of the
discharged battery (1), then connect
the other end to the positive terminal
on the booster battery (2). Proceed to
connect one end of the other jumper
cable to the negative terminal of the
booster battery (3), then the other end
to a solid, stationary, metallic point (for
example, the engine lifting bracket)
away from the battery (4). Do not con-
nect it to or near any part that moves
when the engine is cranked.
Do not allow the jumper cables to con-
tact anything except the correct battery
terminals or the correct ground. Do not
lean over the battery when making
5. Start the engine of the vehicle with the
booster battery and let it run at 2,000
rpm, then start the engine of the vehi-
cle with the discharged battery.
If the cause of your battery discharging is
not apparent, you should have your vehi-
cle checked by an authorized HYUNDAI
Your manual transaxle-equipped vehicle
should not be push-started because it
might damage the emission control sys-
Vehicles equipped with automatic
transaxle cannot be push-started.
Follow the directions in this section for
CAUTION - Battery cables
Do not connect the jumper cable
from the negative terminal of the
booster battery to the negative ter-
minal of the discharged battery.
This can cause the discharged bat-
tery to overheat and crack, releas-
ing battery acid.
Never tow a vehicle to start it
because the sudden surge forward
when the engine starts could cause
a collision with the tow vehicle.
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