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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Safety features of your vehicle
Adjusting the height up and down
To raise the headrest, pull it up (1). To
lower the headrest, push and hold the
release button (2) on the headrest sup-
port and lower the headrest (3).
To remove the headrest, raise it as far as
it can go then press the release button
(1) while pulling upward (2).
To reinstall the headrest, put the head-
rest poles (3) into the holes while press-
ing the release button (1). Then adjust it
to the appropriate height.
OYF039047 OYF039048
Make sure the headrest locks in
position after adjusting it to proper-
ly protect the occupants.
For maximum effectiveness in
case of an accident, the headrest
should be adjusted so the middle
of the headrest is at the same
height of the center of gravity of
an occupant's head. Generally,
the center of gravity of most peo-
ple's head is similar with the
height of the top of their eyes.
Also adjust the headrest as close
to your head as possible. For this
reason, the use of a cushion that
holds the body away from the
seatback is not recommended.
Do not operate the vehicle with
the headrests removed as severe
injury to an occupant may occur
in the event of an accident.
Headrests may provide protec-
tion against severe neck injuries
when properly adjusted.
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