2013 Hyundai Sonata — Owner's Manual – Page #302

Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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What to do in an emergency
If the TPMS indicator does not illu-
minate for 3 seconds when the igni-
tion switch is turned to the ON posi-
tion or engine is running, or if they
remain illuminated after coming on
for approximately 3 seconds, take
your car to your nearest authorized
HYUNDAI dealer and have the sys-
tem checked.
Low tire pressure tell-
When the tire pressure monitoring
system warning indicator is illuminat-
ed, one or more of your tires is sig-
nificantly under-inflated.
If the telltale illuminates, immediately
reduce your speed, avoid hard cor-
nering and anticipate increased stop-
ping distances. You should stop and
check your tires as soon as possible.
Inflate the tires to the proper pres-
sure as indicated on the vehicle’s
placard or tire inflation pressure label
located on the driver’s side center pil-
lar outer panel. If you cannot reach a
service station or if the tire cannot
hold the newly added air, replace the
low pressure tire with the spare tire.
Then the Low Tire Pressure telltale
may turn on and illuminate after
restarting and about 20 minutes of
continuous driving before you have
the low pressure tire repaired and
replaced on the vehicle.
In winter or cold weather, the
low tire pressure telltale may be
illuminated if the tire pressure
was adjusted to the recom-
mended tire inflation pressure
in warm weather. It does not
mean your TPMS is malfunction-
ing because the decreased tem-
perature leads to a proportional
lowering of tire pressure.
When you drive your vehicle
from a warm area to a cold area
or from a cold area to a warm
area, or the outside temperature
is greatly higher or lower, you
should check the tire inflation
pressure and adjust the tires to
the recommended tire inflation
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