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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Safety features of your vehicle
Seat warmer (if equipped)
The seat warmer is provided to warm the
rear seats during cold weather. With the
ignition switch in the ON position, push
either switch to warm the seat.
During mild weather or under conditions
where the operation of the seat warmer
is not needed, keep the switches in the
"OFF" position.
With the seat warmer switch in ON
position, the heating system in the seat
turns on or off automatically depending
on the seat temperature.
WARNING - Seat warmer
Passengers should use extreme
caution when using seat warmers
due to the possibility of excess
heating or burns. The seat warmer
may cause burns even at low tem-
peratures, especially if used for
long periods of time. In particular,
the driver must exercise extreme
care for the following types of pas-
1. Infants, children, elderly or hand-
icapped persons, or hospital out-
2. Persons with sensitive skin or
those that burn easily
3. Fatigued individuals
4. Intoxicated individuals
5. Individuals taking medication
that can cause drowsiness or
sleepiness (sleeping pills, cold
tablets, etc.)
When cleaning the seats, do not
use an organic solvent such as
thinner, benzene, alcohol or gaso-
line. Doing so may damage the
surface of the heater or seats.
To prevent overheating the seat
warmer, do not place anything on
the seats that insulates against
heat, such as blankets, cushions
or seat covers on the seats while
the seat warmer is in operation.
Do not place heavy or sharp
objects on seats equipped with
seat warmers. Damage to the seat
warming components could occur.
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