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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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What to do in an emergency
9. Loosen the wheel nuts and
remove them with your fingers.
Slide the wheel off the studs and
lay it flat so it cannot roll away. To
put the wheel on the hub, pick up
the spare tire, line up the holes
with the studs and slide the wheel
onto them. If this is difficult, tip the
wheel slightly and get the top hole
in the wheel lined up with the top
stud. Then jiggle the wheel back
and forth until the wheel can be
slid over the other studs.
10. To reinstall the wheel, hold it on
the studs, put the wheel nuts on
the studs and tighten them finger
tight. The nuts should be installed
with their tapered small diameter
ends directed inward. Jiggle the
tire to be sure it is completely
seated, then tighten the nuts as
much as possible with your fin-
gers again.
11. Lower the car to the ground by
turning the wheel nut wrench
Then position the wrench as shown
in the drawing and tighten the wheel
nuts. Be sure the socket is seated
completely over the nut. Do not stand
on the wrench handle or use an
extension pipe over the wrench han-
dle. Go around the wheel tightening
every other nut until they are all tight.
Then double-check each nut for
tightness. After changing wheels,
have an authorized HYUNDAI dealer
tighten the wheel nuts to their proper
torque as soon as possible.
Wheel nut tightening torque:
Steel wheel & aluminum alloy wheel:
65~79 lb·ft (9~11 kg·m)
Wheels may have sharp edges.
Handle them carefully to avoid
possible severe injury. Before
putting the wheel into place, be
sure that there is nothing on the
hub or wheel (such as mud, tar,
gravel, etc.) that prevents the
wheel from fitting solidly
against the hub.
If there is, remove it. If there is
not good contact on the mount-
ing surface between the wheel
and hub, the wheel nuts could
come loose and cause the loss
of a wheel. Loss of a wheel may
result in loss of control of the
vehicle. This may cause serious
injury or death.
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