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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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What to do in an emergency
If you have a tire gauge, remove the
valve cap and check the air pressure.
If the pressure is lower than recom-
mended, drive slowly to the nearest
service station and inflate to the cor-
rect pressure. If it is too high, adjust
it until it is correct. Always reinstall
the valve cap after checking or
adjusting tire pressure. If the cap is
not replaced, air may leak from the
tire. If you lose a valve cap, buy
another and install it as soon as pos-
After you have changed wheels,
always secure the flat tire in its place
and return the jack and tools to their
proper storage locations.
To prevent the jack, jack handle,
wheel lug nut wrench and spare tire
from rattling while the vehicle is in
motion, store them properly.
Your vehicle has metric threads
on the wheel studs and nuts.
Make certain during wheel
removal that the same nuts that
were removed are reinstalled -
or, if replaced, that nuts with
metric threads and the same
chamfer configuration are used.
Installation of a non-metric
thread nut on a metric stud or
vice-versa will not secure the
wheel to the hub properly and
will damage the stud so that it
must be replaced.
Note that most lug nuts do not
have metric threads. Be sure to
use extreme care in checking
for thread style before installing
aftermarket lug nuts or wheels.
If in doubt, consult an author-
ized HYUNDAI dealer.
WARNING - Wheel studs
If the studs are damaged, they
may lose their ability to retain
the wheel. This could lead to the
loss of the wheel and a collision
resulting in serious injuries.
WARNING - Inadequate
spare tire pressure
Check the inflation pressures as
soon as possible after installing
the spare tire. Adjust it to the
specified pressure, if necessary.
Refer to “Tires and wheels” sec-
tion 8.
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