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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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You should exercise the utmost care to
prevent damage to your vehicle and
injury to yourself whenever performing
any maintenance or inspection proce-
Should you have any doubts concerning
the inspection or servicing of your vehi-
cle, we strongly recommend that you
have an authorized HYUNDAI dealer
perform this work.
An authorized HYUNDAI dealer has fac-
tory-trained technicians and genuine
HYUNDAI parts to service your vehicle
properly. For expert advice and quality
service, see an authorized HYUNDAI
Inadequate, incomplete or insufficient
servicing may result in operational prob-
lems with your vehicle that could lead to
vehicle damage, an accident, or person-
al injury.
Owner’s responsibility
Maintenance Service and Record
Retention are the owner's responsibility.
You should retain documents that show
proper maintenance has been performed
on your vehicle in accordance with the
scheduled maintenance service charts
shown on the following pages. You need
this information to establish your compli-
ance with the servicing and maintenance
requirements of your vehicle warranties.
Detailed warranty information is provided
in your Owner’s Handbook & Warranty
Information booklet.
Repairs and adjustments required as a
result of improper maintenance or a lack
of required maintenance are not covered.
We recommend you have your vehicle
maintained and repaired by an author-
ized HYUNDAI dealer. An authorized
HYUNDAI dealer meets HYUNDAI’s high
service quality standards and receives
technical support from HYUNDAI in
order to provide you with a high level of
service satisfaction.
Owner maintenance precautions
Improper or incomplete service may
result in problems. This section gives
instructions only for the maintenance
items that are easy to perform.
As explained earlier in this section, sev-
eral procedures can be done only by an
authorized HYUNDAI dealer with special
Improper owner maintenance during
the warranty period may affect warran-
ty coverage. For details, read the sepa-
rate Owner’s Handbook & Warranty
Information booklet provided with the
vehicle. If you're unsure about any serv-
icing or maintenance procedure, have it
done by an authorized HYUNDAI deal-
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