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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Engine oil and filter
The engine oil and filter should be
changed at the intervals specified in the
maintenance schedule. If the car is being
driven in severe conditions, more fre-
quent oil and filter changes are required.
Drive belts
Inspect all drive belts for evidence of
cuts, cracks, excessive wear or oil satu-
ration and replace if necessary. Drive
belts should be checked periodically for
proper tension and adjusted as neces-
Fuel filter
A clogged filter can limit the speed at
which the vehicle may be driven, damage
the emission system and cause multiple
issues such as hard starting. If an exces-
sive amount of foreign matter accumu-
lates in the fuel tank, the filter may
require replacement more frequently.
After installing a new filter, run the engine
for several minutes, and check for leaks
at the connections. Fuel filters should be
installed by an authorized HYUNDAI
Fuel lines, fuel hoses and con-
Check the fuel lines, fuel hoses and con-
nections for leakage and damage. Have
an authorized HYUNDAI dealer replace
any damaged or leaking parts immedi-
Vapor hose and fuel filler cap
The vapor hose and fuel filler cap should
be inspected at those intervals specified
in the maintenance schedule. Make sure
that a new vapor hose or fuel filler cap is
correctly replaced.
Vacuum crankcase ventilation
Inspect the surface of hoses for evidence
of heat and/or mechanical damage. Hard
and brittle rubber, cracking, tears, cuts,
abrasions, and excessive swelling indi-
cate deterioration. Particular attention
should be paid to examine those hose
surfaces nearest to high heat sources,
such as the exhaust manifold.
Inspect the hose routing to assure that
the hoses do not come in contact with
any heat source, sharp edges or moving
component which might cause heat dam-
age or mechanical wear. Inspect all hose
connections, such as clamps and cou-
plings, to make sure they are secure, and
that no leaks are present. Hoses should
be replaced immediately if there is any
evidence of deterioration or damage.
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