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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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The high-pressure cooling system has a
reservoir filled with year-round antifreeze
coolant. The reservoir is filled at the factory.
Check the antifreeze protection and
coolant level at least once a year, at the
beginning of the winter season, and
before traveling to a colder climate.
Checking the coolant level
Even if the engine is not operat-
ing, do not remove the radiator
cap or the drain plug while the
engine and radiator are hot. Hot
coolant and steam may still blow
out under pressure, causing seri-
ous injury.
Removing radiator
Never attempt to remove the radi-
ator cap while the engine is oper-
ating or hot. Doing so might lead
to cooling system and engine
damage and could result in seri-
ous personal injury from escap-
ing hot coolant or steam.
Turn the engine off and wait until it
cools down. Use extreme care
when removing the radiator cap.
Wrap a thick towel around it, and
turn it counterclockwise slowly to
the first stop. Step back while the
pressure is released from the cool-
ing system. When you are sure all
the pressure has been released,
press down on the cap, using a
thick towel, and continue turning
counterclockwise to remove it.
The electric motor
(cooling fan) is con-
trolled by engine
coolant temperature,
refrigerant pressure
and vehicle speed. It may some-
times operate even when the
engine is not running. Use extreme
caution when working near the
blades of the cooling fan so that
you are not injured by a rotating fan
blades. As the engine coolant tem-
perature decreases, the electric
motor will automatically shut off.
This is a normal condition. If your
vehicle is equipped with GDI, the
electric motor (cooling fan) may
operate until you disconnect the
negative battery cable.
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