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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Safety features of your vehicle
Cargo should always be secured to
prevent it from being thrown about
the vehicle in a collision and caus-
ing injury to the vehicle occupants.
Do not place objects in the rear
seats, since they cannot be proper-
ly secured and may hit the front
seat occupants in a collision.
CAUTION - Rear seat belts
When returning the rear seatbacks
to the upright position, remember
to return the rear shoulder belts to
their proper position. Routing the
seat belt webbing through the rear
seat belt guides will help keep the
belts from being trapped behind or
under the seats.
CAUTION - Damaging rear
seat belt buckles
When you fold the rear seatback,
insert the buckle in the pocket
between the rear seatback and
cushion. Doing so can prevent the
buckle from being damaged by the
rear seatback.
WARNING - Cargo loading
Make sure the engine is off, the
automatic transaxle is in P (Park)
or the manual transaxle is in R
(Reverse) or 1st, and the parking
brake is securely applied whenever
loading or unloading cargo. Failure
to take these steps may allow the
vehicle to move if the shift lever is
inadvertently moved to another
When you return the rear seatback
to its upright position after being
folded down:
Be careful not to damage the seat
belt webbing or buckle. Do not
allow the seat belt webbing or
buckle to get caught or pinched in
the rear seat. Ensure that the seat-
back is completely locked into its
upright position by pushing on the
top of the seatback. Otherwise, in
an accident or sudden stop, the
seat could fold down and allow
cargo to enter the passenger com-
partment, which could result in
serious injury or death.
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