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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Changing the coolant
Have coolant changed by an authorized
HYUNDAI dealer according to the
Maintenance Schedule at the beginning
of this section.
Checking the brake/clutch fluid
Check the fluid level in the reservoir peri-
odically. The fluid level should be
between MAX and MIN marks on the
side of the reservoir.
Before removing the reservoir cap and
adding brake/clutch fluid, clean the area
around the reservoir cap thoroughly to
prevent brake/clutch fluid contamination.
If the level is low, add fluid to the MAX
level. The level will fall with accumulated
mileage. This is a normal condition asso-
ciated with the wear of the brake linings.
If the fluid level is excessively low, have
the brake system or clutch (if equipped)
checked by an authorized HYUNDAI
WARNING - Coolant
• Do not use radiator coolant or
antifreeze in the washer fluid
Radiator coolant can severely
obscure visibility when sprayed
on the windshield and may cause
loss of vehicle control or damage
to paint and body trim.
Put a thick cloth or fabric around
the radiator cap before refilling the
coolant in order to prevent the
coolant from overflowing into
engine parts such as generator.
The cooling fan is controlled by
engine coolant temperature and
may sometimes operate even when
the engine is not running. Use
extreme caution when working near
the blades of the coolant fan so that
you are not injured by a rotating fan
blade. As the engine coolant tem-
perature decreases, the fan will
automatically shut off.This is a nor-
mal condition.
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