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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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For best battery service
Keep the battery securely mounted.
Keep the battery top clean and dry.
• Keep the terminals and connections
clean, tight, and coated with petroleum
jelly or terminal grease.
Rinse any spilled electrolyte from the
battery immediately with a solution of
water and baking soda.
If the vehicle is not going to be used for
an extended time, disconnect the bat-
tery cables.
WARNING - Battery
Always read the following
instructions carefully when
handling a battery.
Keep lighted cigarettes and
all other flames or sparks
away from the battery.
Hydrogen, a highly com-
bustible gas, is always
present in battery cells and
may explode if ignited.
Keep batteries out of the
reach of children because
batteries contain highly
corrosive SULFURIC ACID.
Do not allow battery acid to
contact your skin, eyes,
clothing or paint finish.
If any electrolyte gets into
your eyes, flush your eyes
with clean water for at least
15 minutes and get immedi-
ate medical attention.
If electrolyte gets on your
skin, thoroughly wash the
contacted area. If you feel a
pain or a burning sensa-
tion, get medical attention
Wear eye protection when
charging or working near a
battery. Always provide
ventilation when working in
an enclosed space.
An inappropriately disposed
battery can be harmful to
the environment and human
health. Dispose the battery
according to your local
law(s) or regulation.
When lifting a plastic-cased bat-
tery, excessive pressure on the
case may cause battery acid to
leak, resulting in personal injury.
Lift with a battery carrier or with
your hands on opposite corners.
Never attempt to recharge the
battery when the battery cables
are connected.
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