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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Battery recharging
Your vehicle has a maintenance-free,
calcium-based battery.
If the battery becomes discharged in a
short time (because, for example, the
headlights or interior lights were left on
while the vehicle was not in use),
recharge it by slow charging (trickle)
for 10 hours.
If the battery gradually discharges
because of high electric load while the
vehicle is being used, recharge it at 20-
30A for two hours.
Battery posts, terminals, and relat-
ed accessories contain lead and
lead compounds, chemicals known
to the State of California to cause
cancer, birth defects and reproduc-
tive harm. Batteries also contain
other chemicals known to the State
of California to cause cancer. Wash
hands after handling.
When you don’t use the vehicle
for a long time in the low temper-
ature, remove the battery and
store it indoors.
Always charge the battery fully to
prevent the battery case dam-
aged in low temperatures.
If you connect unauthorized elec-
tronic devices to the battery, the
battery may be discharged. Never
use unauthorized devices.
The electrical ignition system
works with high voltage. Never
touch these components with the
engine running or the ignition
switched on.
Failure to follow the above warn-
ings can result in serious bodily
injury or death.
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