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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Tire sidewall labeling
This information identifies and
describes the fundamental charac-
teristics of the tire and also provides
the tire identification number (TIN)
for safety standard certification. The
TIN can be used to identify the tire in
case of a recall.
1. Manufacturer or brand name
Manufacturer or Brand name is
2. Tire size designation
A tire’s sidewall is marked with a tire
size designation. You will need this
information when selecting replace-
ment tires for your car. The following
explains what the letters and num-
bers in the tire size designation
Example tire size designation:
(These numbers are provided as an
example only; your tire size designa-
tor could vary depending on your
P205/65R16 94H
P - Applicable vehicle type (tires
marked with the prefix “P’ are
intended for use on passenger
cars or light trucks; however, not
all tires have this marking).
205 - Tire width in millimeters.
65 - Aspect ratio. The tire’s section
height as a percentage of its
R - Tire construction code (Radial).
16 - Rim diameter in inches.
94 - Load Index, a numerical code
associated with the maximum
load the tire can carry.
H - Speed Rating Symbol. See the
speed rating chart in this section
for additional information.
Wheel size designation
Wheels are also marked with impor-
tant information that you need if you
ever have to replace one. The follow-
ing explains what the letters and
numbers in the wheel size designa-
tion mean.
Example wheel size designation:
6.5 - Rim width in inches.
J - Rim contour designation.
16 - Rim diameter in inches.
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