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Posted on 10 Apr, 2015
Model: 2013 Hyundai Sonata
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Do not drive faster than 75 mph (120
km/h) when your car is equipped with
snow tires.
Tire chains
Tire chains, if necessary, should be
installed on the front wheels.
Be sure that the chains are installed
in accordance with the manufactur-
er's instructions.
To minimize tire and chain wear, do
not continue to use tire chains when
they are no longer needed.
Radial-ply tires
Radial-ply tires provide improved
tread life, road hazard resistance and
smoother high speed ride. The radi-
al-ply tires used on this vehicle are of
belted construction, and are selected
to complement the ride and handling
characteristics of your vehicle.
Radial-ply tires have the same load
carrying capacity, as bias-ply or bias
belted tires of the same size, and use
the same recommended inflation
pressure. Mixing of radial-ply tires
with bias-ply or bias belted tires is
not recommended. Any combina-
tions of radial-ply and bias-ply or bias
belted tires when used on the same
vehicle will seriously deteriorate
vehicle handling. The best rule to fol-
low is: Identical radial-ply tires should
always be used as a set of four.
Longer wearing tires can be more
susceptible to irregular tread wear. It
is very important to follow the tire
rotation interval shown in this section
to achieve the tread life potential of
these tires. Cuts and punctures in
radial-ply tires are repairable only in
the tread area, because of sidewall
flexing. Consult your tire dealer for
radial-ply tire repairs.
WARNING - Snow or ice
When driving on roads cov-
ered with snow or ice, drive at
less than 20 mph (30 km/h).
Use the SAE “S” class or wire
• If you hear noise caused by
chains contacting the body,
retighten the chain to avoid
contact with the vehicle body.
To prevent body damage,
retighten the chains after driv-
ing 0.3~0.6 miles (0.5~1.0 km).
Do not use tire chains on
vehicles equipped with alu-
minum wheels. In unavoid-
able circumstance, use a wire
type chain.
Use wire chains less than 0.47
inches (12 mm) to prevent
damage to the chain’s con-
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